Ira Lee wants you to die.

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Never before released remix from MC Homeless’ 2010 sophomore release, 27.  “Effexer” features backing vocals by Mesparrow, remixed by Mike Clouds.

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New Spacelab racket! James Ciphurphace and Jake Palumbo (Phaced God & Spaced God, respectively) are back with their tales of adventure and escapades.  After you are welcomed with a church organ intro, an undeniable energy bursts out of your speakers in the form of the track “Burrito Revival.”  Through out the rest of the album the word “energy” keeps coming to mind.  Personal favorites would be “Diesel” (i’m a sucker for dub samples) and “Roads Are Rough (Holdin’ Up) (feat. C-Zar Van Gogh)” Grab some pico, moonshine and a burrito. Feed your face and your ears.
Twitter: @jakepalumbo
Instagram: @jakepalumbo

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Quick video of Graves 33 gettin’ busy in the Bird City, Phoenix, Arizona.

Also be sure to check out this full length interview with Graves on Los Feo Faces website


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“We’re Alive” is the lead single from eyenine’s Dissembler album.  Lyrically the track plays out like a handwritten letter or a personal journal entry.  Eyenine’s earnestly honest words spill out across a bare bones piano and drum beat (produced by El Shupacabra) with an increasing fervor, crescendoing in the hook accompanied by blasts of triumphant horns.  Merging eyenine’s passionate anthem with the stark imagery creates an enduring visual with a classic feel.


Follow eyenine:

Twitter: @eyenine747

Facebook: eyenine

Youtube: eyenine

More about the artist:

Every so often an artist emerges that changes the face of a generation forever. This type of gifted person is an anomaly and changes everything and everybody that he comes in contact with. Eyenine is that anomaly.  Born Michael Gene Dionne, Eyenine is an underground hip-hop artist from New Hampshire. He has shared the stage with many influential artists including Adeem, Afroman, AWOL One, Bleubird, C Rayz Walz, Ceschi Ramos, Ghostface Killah, ICON the Mic King, Jedi Mind Tricks, Kristoff Krane, Mr. Lif, PT Burnem, Qwel & Maker, Razhel, Rza, Sole, Vast Aire, Witness and many more.

read full bio at Real Hood Music

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Trippy new video from ECID. G R U N G E H O T E L is the first single from Post Euphoria Vol. 2 EP.  ECID produced and performed the track, while all the psychedelic visuals were provided by Adam Dunn.  If you’re not familiar with ECID, he is another one of the progressive, DIY artists in the underground hip hop scene.  Known for his parameter pushing sample style and tongue in cheek witty one liner wordplay, ECID has carved his own niche in the underground.

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Open Mike Eagle- Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes

Well, this promo video wasn’t exactly what i was expecting, but the comedic value definitely weighed in evenly with the shock value.

Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes opens very smooth with “The Processional”, over an awesome beat produced by E.Super, a hybrid of glitch and 8- bit style productions.  Open Mike warms up his vocal cords (melting the butter, if you will) and the listener for the oncoming album.  The first single from the album is next, “Nightmares.”  Barbershop quartet style vocals ripple through the background as Mike smoothly delivers his rhymes with a slow flow.  The pace of the album starts to pick up around the 4th track, which was produced by fellow Swim Team member, Alpha MC, who also contributes an excellent verse.  Alpha’s beats are usually bouncy and have a good natural swing to them, in the same vein of Madlib or Dibiase.  The title track speaks on the current state of hip-hop with no frills and no nonsense, calling out the facts from the fiction.  Spanning hip-hop’s lifespan, Mike talks about the transitions of the game and how certain aspects of it have tarnished, also taking the “superhuman persona” stereotype away from rappers.  “Why Pianos Break”, is a collaborative cut with Doomtree/Rhymesayers up-and-comer, P.O.S., who sounds right at home over a dusty drum beat by Taco Neck.  It opens with a buzzy bass and dirty piano line before Open Mike Eagle and P.O.S. get down to business.  The next few tracks maintain a similar vibe and pace before taking another turn and dip in tempo.  “Bright Green Light” is a stand out track, Open Mike takes on haters and negativity with an elevated mindset.  His talents reside in his mind and how he manipulates his words and delivers them.  He doesn’t need to get loud to ring in your ears.  The album closes out with a title track reprise and finally an ode that gives nods to the Project Blowed collective and LA underground, laced with an interpolation of an excellent 80′s classic.

Overall, this is an excellent album. It may not be quite as upbeat as Unapologetic Art Rap, however, after re-listening to Another Roadside Attraction, Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes feels like a natural progression in Mike’s style.  Additional maturity and confidence are evident in several ways.  He traded out the ‘skit track’ for a quick impersonation and slimmed down guest features.  Not that those are necessarily bad elements to have on an album, but it definitely helps keep focus where it should be, on Mike’s lyrical mastery.

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